First Timers

As first-time homebuyers, we had a lot to learn going in, and we were all over the map in terms of knowing what we wanted. Tim was very patient with us throughout the process, listening closely to our often paradoxical wishes and going with us to endless (50+?) open houses. He was always very responsive in his communication (even on Saturday nights) and made us feel calmer throughout a potentially stressful process. We had our baby with us the whole time and Tim was an excellent babysitter too. We felt confident that TIm had our best interests in mind throughout the process. He shared a suggestion that saved us several thousand dollars in closing costs, even though it meant less money for him. He even came to our new house at the drop of a hat when we had some landscaping and irrigation questions that came up weeks after we closed. Tim is down-to-earth, easy to work with, and knows the Santa Barbara/Goleta market very well. It was a pleasure to work with him!

— Karen